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Waking up is pretty uniform. Open your eyes, lift your head up, take a deep breath and put your feet on the ground; that's four blessings right there to start your day. Are we so consumed with ourselves, our lives, our days, and our list of things to do that we cant remember that all of this is a gift? Wait, we had a chance to go through a train of thought just now and had an epiphany, blessing number five. You took that shower, flipped through all those clothes you have, and grabbed that quick banana and apple juice breakfast you have a love-hate relationship with… What's that, six, seven, and eight blessings I believe. Down the stairs into the car, a tight grip on the cold steering wheel then took a second to choose that list of songs that are going to motivate you and set the theme for the day. How many is that? I'm losing count here. That's one, two, three, four, but you used almost all five of your senses all at once, so how does that work, do we add the remainder then divide? All blessings regardless. If we can be loved enough to experience all these gifts we didn't earn and don't deserve, how could we possibly “wake up on the wrong side of the bed?” Really; open your eyes, the one to your heart, and see all these blessings we’re living through.

Uh-huh, …you’ve got your fists up, feet spread in a good stance, ready to duck, dive and protect your head; but you never saw that uppercut coming that just caught you. There on the ground, you’ve got two options: first to stay there because you won’t continue to get hit if you stay down, or, you can get up and put your hands back in position to protect the blind spot you didn’t know existed. And there it is right there, the entire game of life encapsulated in a single exchange; the ability to get hit, get back up and put your fists up because the fight continues. The trick to this fight is that it’s rigged. It’s not about who can swing hardest or who can duck the most punched because it’s a timed fight, and at the end of the time, there’s a championship belt already with our names on it. Nobody has to understand why we keep getting up and keep putting our hands back up and keep coming to the center of the ring because the battle is all about what confuses them: your faith. It’s about what we choose to believe in, stand up for, and fight for. It is the reason we can take all these blows and know these punches aren’t enough to knock you out of the game. It’s not how hard you can hit, it’s how hard you can get hit… that’s the disciple and the hustle that’s key to being champion.

Gerrio S. Rahming

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